• "Manhattan Flat" is a soulful, groovy instrumental... more »

  • Spike Remix Album Cover
    "Spike (Remix)" is a hyped-up remix of... more »

  • "Cyanide" is an ethereal, loopable soundtrack... more »

  • “8-Ball” is a chill, electronic music track... more »

  • "Vice Avenue" is a fun, funky, electronic... more »

  • An urban, hip, jungle-style beat featuring african... more »

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    A high energy track featuring layered, gated synths and 808... more »

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    Lo-fi drum and bass groove, featuring live sounding drum samples
  • music-note-icon
    Relaxed groove, featuring layed synths, strings, and electric piano
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    Mellow track, featuring synths, strings, and a recapitulating guitar
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    A smooth, soulful, and relaxing groove, featuring a R&B style progression... more »

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    Half-time groove, featuring electric guitar, synth, and a minor... more »