Sound Design

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Sound Design Tools

The following tools are standouts in my sound design arsenal. Each plays a critical role in creating unique soundscapes and effects for various types of projects.

Logic Pro

Apple's premium digital audio workstation and answer to Pro Tools.


Powerful, open source digital audio workstation.

iZotope RX Elements

Industry-standard noise reduction and audio repair toolkit.

Pure Data (Pd)

Visual scripting language used to design audio and trigger with programmed events.


One of the most widely used game engines in the world.


A popular javascript-based game engine designed for web-based game development.

Zoom F6

Premium, 32-bit field recorder and audio interface.

MKH-416 Shotgun Microphone

Industry standard shotgun mic for voice over and dialogue audio.

Rode NT1-A

Industry standard cardioid condenser mic. Quiet, versatile and built like a tank.

Shure SM57

Industry standard dynamic mic. Great for recording percussive sounds.

Sony MDR-7506

Industry standard, closed-back headphones for noise-free recording.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Headphones

Premium, 250 ohm open-back studio headphones for professional mixing.

KRK V4 Studio Monitors

Professional-grade studio monitors for mixing and mastering audio.

Macbook Pro

16" Macbook Pro with 32GB RAM and 1TB Solid State Drive.

Sound Design

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