Sound Mixer For Feature Film – Creeping Death

Production: Creeping Death
Producer: Samfear Productions
Wrapped: October 2021
Scheduled Release: October 2022

Creeping Death Film Poster

Creeping Death is a full length film based on the mythology and lore behind Halloween. I was hired by Director, Matt Sampere as the acting production sound mixer for the shoot.

Production took place at various locations in Central NY and involved 19 days of shooting in barns, pumpkin patches, corns fields, and various homes. Many of these locations provided challenges for capturing premium audio, but we tackled them with a couple of booms, wireless lavalier mics, a premium sound recorder and a little sweat.

The project is moving into post-production in November 2021. As an independent production, completion funds are still needed for special effects, foley, dialogue replacement (ADR), music composition, and more.

If you’d like to contribute, check out the film’s Indie GoGo page to learn more:

Video and images are the property of Samfear Productions

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The SockKids

Client: Trailer To The Stars | Michael Sullivan
Released: March 2016

(From the producer)
In this multi-colored illustrated and animated children’s video and book series, The SockKids, readers and viewers follow the Socker family through many exciting adventures. The SockKids teach about how bullying hurts everyone to understanding why some children are sometimes afraid to go to school to showing our differences are what make us each special. The uniqueness of The SockKids is displayed through their many colors and wonderful personalities as they sometimes time travel through the spin cycle of a washer. It is during these journeys the SockKids champion all children and all cultures.

Perhaps you’ll wonder where your missing sock has gone. You’ll have to look no where else but here — as your socks could be traveling with the SockKids on a cool adventure!

Children and their parents will be drawn to the diversity of the family and the universal and timeless lessons they teach: don’t be afraid of new experiences; treat others as you would like to be treated, and of course, beware of the spin cycle!


Composed, recorded and produced underscore music (not opening music), sourced sound effects (foley artist), mixed and mastered final audio for the “The SockKids Learn How to Prevent Bullying” episode, produced by Trailer To The Stars.

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Green Kids Club – Animated Series

Green Kids Club Logo

Client: Trailer To The Stars | Green Kids Club, Inc.

Sylvia Medina is an environmental engineer by trade. Watching kids TV shows while her children were infants, made her realize that there did not appear to be much about environmental stewardship and ecosystem management for interactions with animals and people. The idea came to her at about 1:30 am one morning while rocking her baby girl to sleep; she was going to create stories and products that teach children about the environment and the world around them. Sylvia joined forces with the Saige, Peggy, Joy, and Susan to share her knowledge and teach environmental stewardship. The rest is history…



Ranked as high as #3 on “Dr. Toy’s 10 Best” in the category of audio/video for 2014: Dr. Toy’s 10 Best


Wrote title music, co-wrote title song lyrics, and performed vocals with Jennifer Yeung. Also, composed underscore, sourced sound effects, and mixed and mastered final audio for the following episodes:

  • “The Green Spring”
  • “Gorilla’s Roar”
  • “Wolf Howls”
  • “Coral Reef”
The Green Kids Club – “Coral Reef” Episode

Featured Soundtracks From Other Episodes

Ep. 1 – The Green Spring

Green Kids Club Theme Song

Ep. 2 – Gorilla’s Roar

Fresh Recruits
Inaya’s Song
Baby Giraffe
Find The Spring (transition)

Ep. 3 – Wolf Howls

Wagon Ride
Ride Of Doom
Night Of The Stars
Nature’s Plea

Ep. 4 – Coral Reef

Coral Reef Opening
Sand Castle
Dangerous Curiosity
Parents (Trouble In The Reef Reprise)
Green Kids Belezian Finale

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Surprise “Magic” Marriage Proposal

Client: See Magic Live
Released: August 2013

SeeMagicLive helps Joel “appear” on center ice to propose to his girlfriend. Bree really had no clue, as she was busy hosting a special reception with friends and family before the game. She thought her and her two best friends were going to see the illusion up-close. At the last minute, we brought her onto the ice and this is when the magic happened!

“Great product and great response time. The tracks went through some great changes just like we requested and the final product was fantastic. Thanks! ”

~ Kostya Kimlat | See Magic Live


Produced the three main underscore tracks

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