Mr. Mine Gameplay Soundtrack

Mr Mine Game Thumbnail

Developer: Austin Oblouk, Playsaurus
Release Date: October 21st 2021
Platforms: PC, Steam, Mobile (Late 2021)
Website: https://mrmine.com/

Mr. Mine is an idle, mining game created by Austin Oblouk of Playsaurus. In the game, the player controls a mining operation that includes a drilling machine, mine workers, an oil rig and other assets that contribute to one drilling further toward the Earth’s core. Along the way, one may collect raw materials to enhance equipment, hire mining managers, collect treasures, encounter enemies, and more.

Playsaurus hired me to compose a unique soundtrack for their extensive gameplay. The music needed to be ambient enough to sit in the background, but also continually loop without becoming an ear sore to the listener. After nearly a dozen iterations, I delivered a 5+ minute, pleasing, harmonious and ambient soundtrack. Hopefully it’s one for the ages.

Special thanks to Austin at Playsaurus for providing me the opportunity to work on this game. It was a blast and I cannot wait to work on the next one!

(Content below is from the developer)


Get rich or die mining! Idle your way through the mines, unearth treasures, and discover what great mysteries lie in the depths below!


Over 100+ drill upgrades to unlock as you progress through the mines!

Many unique buildings to encounter with special mechanics to help you dig faster and get further!

Lots of quests to complete and achievements to unlock

Hire scientists to find rare relics to help you progress further.

  • Many Secret encounters. Can you find them all?
  • Chests with hidden upgrades.
  • Unlock new features the deeper you go. Discover them all!
  • Afraid of federally induced inflation? Mine tons of precious gems and ores to make your billions! Klang Gang!
  • Updated artwork & rebalanced progression from the original!


Images are the property of Playsaurus Inc.

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Sound Mixer For Feature Film – Creeping Death

Production: Creeping Death
Producer: Samfear Productions
Website: https://samfear.com/
Wrapped: October 2021
Scheduled Release: October 2022

Creeping Death Film Poster

Creeping Death is a full length film based on the mythology and lore behind Halloween. I was hired by Director, Matt Sampere as the acting production sound mixer for the shoot.

Production took place at various locations in Central NY and involved 19 days of shooting in barns, pumpkin patches, corns fields, and various homes. Many of these locations provided challenges for capturing premium audio, but we tackled them with a couple of booms, wireless lavalier mics, a premium sound recorder and a little sweat.

The project is moving into post-production in November 2021. As an independent production, completion funds are still needed for special effects, foley, dialogue replacement (ADR), music composition, and more.

If you’d like to contribute, check out the film’s Indie GoGo page to learn more: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/creeping-death-horror-feature-film

Video and images are the property of Samfear Productions

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HoloKart – Hololens Game

Developer: Charnas Engineering
Website: iancharnas.com

HoloKart is an augmented reality (AR) racing game prototype focused on providing consumers with a real-life simulation of Super Mario Kart. The prototype pairs go-karts and Microsoft’s HoloLens.

In the game, players wearing Hololens reality headsets and drive around a live go-kart track. They can pick up virtual items and use them enhance their own karts or to slow the progress of competing racers.


  • Composed complete musical score in the vein of Super Mario Kart
  • Produced a mixture of synthetic and live sound effects to accompany visual effects

Visit iancharnas.com/holokart for more information.

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Almost Impossible! 2 – iOS Game

Developer: Daniel Counsell
Website: realmacsoftware.com
Retailers: iTunes

Almost Impossible! 2 is the follow-up to the previous chart topping game of the same name. Almost Impossible! 2 is a side-scrolling atmospheric puzzle platformer, built specifically for iOS. Guide a small ball of light on a dangerous journey.

  • Composed musical score
  • Produced synthetic sound effects

* Description, video, and images are the property of Dan Counsell.
Visit dancounsell.com/games/almostimpossible2 for more information.

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Walking Dead Reunion Episode

The Walking Dead on AMC

Production: A Walking Reunion in England
Producer: AMC Studios
Website: https://www.amc.com/shows/the-walking-dead–119
Agency: MIBE Music (https://www.mibemusic.com/)

My piece, “Brahmster’s Inc” was placed on a “The Walking Dead” reunion episode. The episode was run on US television on the AMC network and featured my song at the 1m 3s mark. The music serves as a sound bed while the boys are eating traditional tea and crumpets.

Video and images are the property of AMC Studios

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Kill The Plumber – Award Winning Mobile Game

Client: Keybol
Website: keybolgames.com
Retailers: Steam | App Store

Released: March 2015
Description: (From the developer)
It ’s payback time! Play as different enemies of the familiar plumber and beat him to a pulp!

Kill the Plumber is unique platformer game where you play as the enemies instead of the hero. There are puzzles, timed survivals, and boss fights where you play as the boss. That’s right! Play as flying Big Ghost and King Bowler who unleash devastating fireballs and stomps!


Composed game soundtrack

The artwork embedded on this page is from Keybol, which is the property of its owner.

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San Diego Airport – Radio Ad

San Diego International Airport

Client: Greenhaus
Website: greenhaus.com

Release: July 2014
About Greenhaus: Greenhaus is a full-service advertising and marketing agency delivering breakthrough creative and strategic thinking online and offline. Our services cover visioning and positioning, strategic planning, branding, advertising, design, website strategy and design, direct marketing, media planning and placement, and research. Founded in 1996, Greenhaus serves clients throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Radio Spot – New Concessions At San Diego International Airport
My jazz tune “Cup a’Joe” was licensed for use in the following radio spot for the all-new shopping, dining, and spa services at San Diego International Airport.

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Green Kids Club – Animated Series

Green Kids Club Logo

Client: Trailer To The Stars | Green Kids Club, Inc.
Website: green-kids-club.com

Sylvia Medina is an environmental engineer by trade. Watching kids TV shows while her children were infants, made her realize that there did not appear to be much about environmental stewardship and ecosystem management for interactions with animals and people. The idea came to her at about 1:30 am one morning while rocking her baby girl to sleep; she was going to create stories and products that teach children about the environment and the world around them. Sylvia joined forces with the Saige, Peggy, Joy, and Susan to share her knowledge and teach environmental stewardship. The rest is history…



Ranked as high as #3 on “Dr. Toy’s 10 Best” in the category of audio/video for 2014: Dr. Toy’s 10 Best


Wrote title music, co-wrote title song lyrics, and performed vocals with Jennifer Yeung. Also, composed underscore, sourced sound effects, and mixed and mastered final audio for the following episodes:

  • “The Green Spring”
  • “Gorilla’s Roar”
  • “Wolf Howls”
  • “Coral Reef”
The Green Kids Club – “Coral Reef” Episode

Featured Soundtracks From Other Episodes

Ep. 1 – The Green Spring

Green Kids Club Theme Song

Ep. 2 – Gorilla’s Roar

Fresh Recruits
Inaya’s Song
Baby Giraffe
Find The Spring (transition)

Ep. 3 – Wolf Howls

Wagon Ride
Ride Of Doom
Night Of The Stars
Nature’s Plea

Ep. 4 – Coral Reef

Coral Reef Opening
Sand Castle
Dangerous Curiosity
Parents (Trouble In The Reef Reprise)
Green Kids Belezian Finale

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Sonic The Hedgehog Vol. 1

Sonic The Hedgehog Vol. 1 Album Cover

Client: Good Knight Productions
Retailers: Spotify

Sonic The Hedgehog Vol. 1 is a compilation album featuring recreations and remixes of themes from Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog video game series. Produced and released by Good Knight Productions


Produced and arranged the following tracks:

Sonic 3 – Hydrocity Zone

Sonic & Knuckles – Lava Reef Zone Act 2

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Kidioland iOS App

Kidioland App Badge

Client: Internet Design Zone
Website: www.internetdesignzone.com/
Retailers: iTunes

Top downloaded Nursery Rhymes app!! Are you looking for a wonderful Nursery Rhymes app for your kid with songs, music, animations, interactivity, sing-along – your search ends here. A fantastic app for kids featuring Six very popular Nursery Rhymes: Old MacDonald had a farm, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary had a little Lamb, Jack and Jill, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Hickory Dickory Dock. With lots of funny animations and a sing-along dance and music experience, this app will ensure your toddler hours of fun and learning.


Produced several backing tracks for children’s animations featured within the application. Sub-contracted and directed singer, and composed instrumental arrangements. Mixed and mastered final audio files for use in with the animations.

Produced the following songs:

  • Wheels On The Bus
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Little Miss Muffet
  • Ba Ba Blacksheep

Kidioland – Humpty Dumpty
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Donkey Kong Country Vol. 1

Donkey Kong Country Vol. 1 Album Cover

Client: Good Knight Productions
Retailers: Spotify

Donkey Kong Country Vol. 1 is a compilation album featuring recreations and remixes from the Donkey Kong Country game series. Produced and…


Produced and arranged the following tracks:

Island Swing

In A Snow Bound Land

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