Scrambled Eggs (Loop)

“Scrambled Eggs” is a fun, light-hearted, up tempo soundtrack featuring ukelele, pizzicato strings, piano, nylon/spanish guitar, walking bass, drum set, and various hand percussion. This track would fit comfortably into a cartoon-style video game, animated film, advertisement, cooking show, or even a corporate video. Very versatile!

Song Data
Loopable: Yes
BPM: 210
Formats: 16 bit 44,100 Hz wave, 320 kbps mp3
ISRC: QML331400002

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World Cup (License)

“World Cup” is a Nintendo-esque, chip tune theme. Similar to Super Mario Bros music. The song was initially written for use in a nostalgic 8-bit world cup soccer game and is now available to license for other projects!

If your production requires that old-school, nintendo feel, the soundtrack is vital. This song will certainly provide authenticity!

Song Data

Loopable: √
BPM: 162
Formats: wav: 16 bit 44,100 Hz, mp3: 320 kbps
ISRC: QML331500001

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