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Aquatic Adversary (Loop)

Aquatic Adversary Album Cover

“Aquatic Adversary” is a cold, dark, haunting underscore, featuring staccato strings, woodwinds, vibraphone, piano, harp, various orchestral percussion, and a brash horn melody. It resembles musical scores from movies like Batman, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and others directed by Tim Burton, scored by Danny Elfmann.

Song Data
Loopable: Yes
BPM: 86
Formats: 16 bit 44,100 Hz wave, 320 kbps mp3
ISRC: QML331400010

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Persian Prince

Persian Prince Cover Art

“Persian Prince” is a loopable underscore, perfectly suited for use in film and other interactive media, such as video games. The score features repetitive motifs that build and create complex textures over time.

The harmonies are western but, have a Japanese flare. The instrumentation consists of Middle Eastern instruments such as the sitar, tabla, and gamelan, among others.

The score is fully loopable and find a suitable home as the background underscore in an action film, game, or advertisement.

Song Data

Loopable: √
BPM: 94
Formats: 16 bit wav, 320 kbps mp3

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