• "Sunny Boulevard" is a funky, electronic... more »

  • "Like A Boss" is an intensely... more »

  • "The Dreamer" is an electronic music piece... more »

  • "Vice Avenue" is a fun, funky, electronic... more »

  • “Flow” is a calm, soothing underscore featuring synthetic... more »

  • “N2O” is a high adrenaline, loopable dance track,... more »

  • "Drive" is a mellow, loopable underscore, intended for... more »

  • A modern, fun, catchy synth sound track, featuring... more »

  • "Rayon" is a fun and relaxed dance track inspired by an... more »

  • "Shimmer" is an inspiring, mid-tempo dance track featuring heavy layers of... more »

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    An uptempo dance track, featuring hand modeled synths, percussion, and... more »

  • music-note-icon
    Dance track featuring mellow piano, layered synths, and a soul clap
    ... more »