What’s Good eBeanie Company Jingle

Client: What’s Good eBeanie

Released: April 2014
Description: The What’s Good eBeanie is a classic winter hat that allows people to use Bluetooth-enabled devices hands-free and headphone free.

Once synched, make calls or listen to music, using this state-of-the art control system with stereo-quality speakers. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.


Composed and performed company Jingle
What’s Good Jingle

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Bloke Support

Client: Bloke Support
Youtube Channel: BlokeSupportTV

Released: May 2014
Description: Bloke Support provides counselling in Sydney Australia for men, couples and families, suffering from relationship issues, anger management, stress, workplace issues, and depression.


Composed video bumper music

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Seed Stitcher Jingle

Client: Seed Stitcher®

Released: TBD
Description: No other garden tool can grow seed like the Seed Stitcher. The key to growing seed is to get it into the soil, and that’s exactly what the seed Stitcher is designed to do. The Seed Stitcher’s patented perforations create an extra wide hole at just the right depth, so seeds germinate every time.

Contribution: Composed, performed, and produced Seed Stitcher Jingle.

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