game music

The Remains

The Remains is and ominous underscore, featuring choir voices, the sound of wind, and flies buzzing about. The perfect atmospheric accompaniment for games and films like Resident Evil, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and those in the horror genre.


Mystery is a loopable underscore that provides the perfect atmosphere for scenes set in dark caverns, outer space, or anywhere there is fear of the unknown.

King Neptune’s Deep Sea Saga

Client: Bent Back Pty ltd
Retailers: iTunes

Released: March 2014
Description: King Neptune’s Deep Sea Saga is an adventurous, under water puzzle game developed for mobile platforms. It’s fun, challenging, and up-tempo gameplay is accompanied by it’s vibrant graphics and exciting soundtrack.

The game was released in early 2014 by Aussie game developer Bent Back Pty Ltd.


Produced the complete musical score and sound effects.
Ocean Rays


“Asphalt” is a conglomerate of filtered sines, squares, and triangles, this exciting track pairs well with energetic, fast-action, shoot ’em up type video games.