final fantasy battle music

Chaotic Calamity

“Chaotic Calamity” is a heart pounding, action packed, loopable orchestral soundtrack featuring a blend of styles. The theme is reminiscent of the battle music from the Final Fantasy game series, but includes a sprinkling influence of Danny Elmann’s Beetlejuice soundtrack. The tone is dark, even morose, but is fun and adventurous as well.

This soundtrack may have many uses. It would work well as battle music in a fantasy themed video game. It could also work well in films and advertisements of a similar style.

The Hearth

“The Hearth” is a classical, orchestral soundtrack influenced by fantasy films and games, such as the Final Fantasy series, Warcraft II, and The Lord Of The Rings Series. It features strings, woodwinds, horns, piano, classical guitar, and light orchestral percussion.