Red Hula Girl

Client: Jennifer Yeung/E-Horse Music
Retailers: SoundCloud

Publisher: E-Horse Music
Released: July 2012

6 years it took to complete this project. The Red Hula Girl is unrequited and no more willing to give. A tapestry woven from old pieces of furs and hides; ill-fitting from the start. They feel like sand paper. Ouch. In one breath she says, “I will be the red hula girl in your tree” yet simultaneously realizes she’s “jammed the pieces together till [her] fingers bled – it was something unthinkable.” To the West she gazes. A silent salute. A nod. A farewell: “Done. Finished. Complete. I am no longer the red hula girl in your tree.”

“Mission to render
Your sister and me, her in
car and me in tree…”

This album is for my dear friend, Jim Kulakowski. For your kindness, brilliance, and generosity in helping me finish this project, I am eternally grateful

~ Jennifer Yeung


Produced, mixed and mastered entire album except…

  • “Ode To Ryan,” “In Celebration Of A New Synapse,”
  • “Geisha” (produced by Jennifer Yeung)

Other Contributions

  • Keyboard/Synth: Red Hula Girl, Anyway, Slowly, Moon, Red Hula Girl II
  • Drum Programming: Emperor’s Daughter, Gemini, Slowly, Moon, Red Hula Girl II
  • Guitar: Emperor’s Daughter, Slowly, Pretty Babies
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