Is the music in the store Royalty-Free and what does that mean?

Yes! The music in my online licensing store is “Royalty-Free”. However, there are a few things I’d like to clear up about what this term means.

What is “Royalty-Free” music?

“Royalty-Free” music is an industry term that refers to music that can be licensed for perpetuity (forever) for one single fee.  There is no limit on the number of copies that can be synced with your video, video game, podcast, or other project. Hoorah!

On the other hand, “Royalty-Free” music does not mean that the music is licensed without royalties. What the…???

I know…I hate this term and that’s why you won’t find it anywhere else on my site except for here, in order to provide an explanation.  A “Royalty-Free” music license allows the licensee the rights to sync the licensed music with his/her project in perpetuity by paying a single, upfront fee. All of the tracks on this site fit this mold and are priced at under $50 per license. This type of music is also registered with a Performance Rights Organization (PRO) that collects performance royalties for the composer.

What constitutes a performance?

A “performance” of a “Royalty-Free” soundtrack happens essentially anytime the song is played in a public setting – i.e. Youtube, radio, television, anywhere on the internet, etc.

Wait! I have to pay this guy every time someone watches my Youtube video?

No! Here’s the good news.

Who pays for performance royalties?

Performance royalties are paid for by the broadcasting network and are usually covered under a “blanket license,” which the network purchases every year in order to cover licensed music that is broadcast across it’s channel. Some examples of broadcasting networks?

  • Youtube
  • NPR
  • PBS
  • NBC
  • ABC
  • TNT
  • You get the point…

This means that you can use the music in your videos and other projects without paying me another dime but, I’ll still receive a performance royalty from the broadcasting network that is airing your work. Win-win!

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What is a cue sheet?

A cue sheet is a document that is filed with a Performance Rights Organization(PRO) to ensure that a composer is paid for a public performance of his/her work. The document contains the title of the work, the production, time, and manner in which the audio is being used, as well as the composer and publisher’s information.

All of the musical works available on this site have been registered with Broadcast Music Inc.(BMI). If you license a musical work from this site and use the work in a television or radio broadcast, film, and/or advertisement, a cue sheet must be filed with BMI.

You can download a cue sheet template here: Cue Sheet Template

Submit cue sheets here: Submit Cue Sheet

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What does “non-exclusive” mean?

As it pertains to licensing and downloading instrumentals on this site, the term “non-exclusive” refers to a license that may be granted to multiple parties. Simply put, this means that others may license and download the product as well.

The downloaded products are not being exclusively licensed to the purchaser and they will be available to others. If you need a soundtrack exclusively for your project, you’ll need an exclusive license which may be negotiated, depending on your needs. For more information, please fill in the custom quote form with the information for your project and the needed audio asset(s). Get a quote

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