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Spike (Remix)

Spike Remix Album Cover

“Spike (Remix)” is a hyped remix of my original, Spike, which was composed for Dan Counsel’s iOS hit Almost Impossible! The remix features the same melodies but alters the timbre of the lead instrument. It features new harmonies, a hip-hop style opening, a jazzy house section, and more.

The song is available for commercial licensing and would suit video games, podcasts, films, advertisements, and other multimedia that could use a techy, modern sound.

Song Data
Length: 02:51
Loopable: Yes
BPM: 154
Formats: 16 bit 44,100 Hz wave
ISRC: QML331600003

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Extra! Extra! (Bumper)

“Extra, Extra (Bumper)” is a fun, retro, 8-bit/chiptune style track designed for use in retro video game related videos, podcasts, and other productions. Produced with YMCK’s Magical 8-Bit Synthesizer, this short piece embodies the essence of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and the 8-bit era.

Song Data
Loopable: No
BPM: 208
Formats: 16 bit 44,100 Hz wave, 320 kbps mp3
ISRC: QML331500063

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